Nurturing the Future,One
Happy Family at a Time


Crafting Brighter
Tomorrows through
Family Fun

FamBam is our heartfelt project, driven by the vision of becoming the go-to hub for family entertainment in Hong Kong. We passionately believe that nurturing early childhood development can shape a brighter future. Our core brand values revolve around happiness, community, daring, and caring. Through a mix of social bloomers, micro-influencers, and stay-at-home moms, we connect with millennial families facing parenting challenges, creating fulfilling family experiences within our active and vibrant community platform.”

Happiness & Community

At FamBam, we’re on a mission to redefine family entertainment. Our brand values are all about spreading happiness, building a strong community, and adding a bit of daring edge. We engage with millennial families who seek parenting support, providing them with a platform for interactive experiences. In a world of challenges, we stand as your friendly, playful, and proactive guide – FamBam, your beloved family channel.

Our pet project, FamBam, is a commitment to nurturing a brighter future. We envision being Hong Kong’s leading family entertainment destination. Rooted in our core brand values of happiness, community, daring, and caring, we’re passionate about early childhood development. We reach out to millennial families, especially parents seeking guidance, through social bloomers, micro-influencers, and devoted stay-at-home moms. FamBam is where playfulness meets proactive parenting.

Building Bonds, Spreading Smiles

FamBam is more than just a project; it’s our family mission. With a vision to lead the way in family entertainment across Hong Kong, our brand values encompass happiness, community, daring, and caring. We focus on connecting with millennial families, offering support and meaningful family experiences. Our approach is playful, friendly, and a bit edgy, reflecting our dedication to happy families. Welcome to FamBam, where we create smiles and lasting bonds.

Where Family Happiness Takes Center Stage

At FamBam, we’re dedicated to putting family happiness at the forefront. Our vision is to lead the family entertainment scene in Hong Kong, and we’re grounded in our brand values of happiness, community, daring, and caring. We actively engage with millennial families, offering a helping hand in parenting challenges, and providing delightful family experiences. With a playful, friendly, and edgy approach, we’re your trusted destination – FamBam, your cherished family channel.

Creating Memoeable Family
Moments with FamBam

FamBam, where memorable family moments come to life. We’re on a mission to lead Hong Kong’s family entertainment landscape, guided by our brand values of happiness, community, daring, and caring.

FamBam, our beloved family channel, found its identity with Blue Lemon. Their commitment to happiness, community, daring, and caring aligned perfectly with our mission. FamBam is not just a project; it’s a family mission to create smiles and lasting bonds. Thanks to Blue Lemon, we’re your partner in crafting cherished family memories.

Your Path to Vibrant
Family Togetherness

FamBam, your route to vibrant family togetherness. We’re committed to taking the lead in Hong Kong’s family entertainment, driven by our brand values of happiness, community, daring, and caring. Millennial families, particularly those navigating parenting challenges, find support and meaningful family moments with us. FamBam’s hallmark is our playful, friendly, and edgy approach, setting the stage for unforgettable family experiences.